EPICYCLIC GEARS FOR WINCH --> Gears with rotating casing, fitted with negative brake, conjunction ring between the ranges of epicyclic gears and the lifting winches. Output torque values between 4,000 and 50,000 Nm.

EPICYCLIC GEARS --> Epicyclic gears in line and angular with flange assembly, with feet or shaft mounting, for movable machines and industrial applications. Nominal output torques between 100 daNm and 130,000 daNm.

WHEEL GEARS --> Epicyclic gears and gearmotors with rotating casing for the movement of tired and tracked vehicles. Available with negative parking brake, release system, control valves. Transmissible torques between 80 daNm and 370 daNm, radial loads can be supported up to 8,000 kg.

GEARS FOR ROTATION --> Gears fitted with reinforced support for rotation, integral pinion, negative parking brake and prearrangement at entrance for hydraulic motor; output torque values between 4,100 and 60,000 Nm.

Epicyclic gears for winch
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