Sale and repair of spare parts for Bobcat machines

In Kolben Macmoter-Ricambi you will find a large warehouse of originalBobcat

spare parts, and a traceability and acquisition service to get those parts that are not availablein the warehouse which is extremely fast and with reduced costs.


Since 2015, Kolben has enlarged the warehouse with the introduction of:

- Bobcat pumps;

- Bobcat gearmotors;

- Bobcat motors.

Bobcat S70 pump, Bobcat S70 motor, Bobcat S70 gearmotor
Bobcat S100 pump, Bobcat S100 motor, Bobcat S100 gearmotor
Bobcat S130 pump, Bobcat S130 motor, Bobcat S130 gearmotor
Bobcat S510 pump, Bobcat S510 motor, Bobcat S510 gearmotor
Bobcat S530 pump, Bobcat S530 motor, Bobcat S530 gearmotor
Bobcat S550 pump, Bobcat S550 motor, Bobcat S550 gearmotor
Bobcat S570 pump, Bobcat S570 motor, Bobcat S570 gearmotor
Bobcat S590 pump, Bobcat S590 motor, Bobcat S590 gearmotor
Bobcat S630 pump, Bobcat S630 motor, Bobcat S630 gearmotor
Bobcat S650 pump, Bobcat S650 motor, Bobcat S650 gearmotor
Bobcat S770 pump, Bobcat S770 motor, Bobcat S770 gearmotor
Bobcat S850 pump, Bobcat S850 motor, Bobcat S850 gearmotor

Bobcat T2250 pump, Bobcat T2250 motor, T2250 gearmotor Bobcat TL360 pump, Bobcat TL360 motor, TL360 gearmotor Bobcat TL470 pump, Bobcat TL470 motor, TL470 gearmotor Bobcat TL470HF pump, Bobcat TL470HF motor, TL470HF gearmotor Bobcat T35100 pump, Bobcat T35100 motor, T35100 gearmotor Bobcat T35120 pump, Bobcat T35120 motor, T35120 gearmotor Bobcat T40140 pump, Bobcat T40140 motor, T40140 gearmotor Bobcat T40170 pump, Bobcat T40170 motor, T40170 gearmotor Bobcat TR38160 pump, Bobcat TR38160 motor, TR38160 gearmotor

Bobcat MT55 pump, Bobcat MT55 motor, Bobcat MT55 gearmotor Bobcat T110 pump, Bobcat T110 motor, Bobcat T110 gearmotor Bobcat T590 pump, Bobcat T590 motor, Bobcat T590 gearmotor Bobcat T650 pump, Bobcat T650 motor, Bobcat T650 gearmotor Bobcat T770 pump, Bobcat T770 motor, Bobcat T770 gearmotor Bobcat T870 pump, Bobcat T870 motor, Bobcat T870 gearmotor



Bobcat E08 pump, Bobcat E08 motor, Bobcat E08 gearmotor Bobcat E10 pump, Bobcat E10 motor, Bobcat E10 gearmotor Bobcat E14 pump, Bobcat E14 motor, Bobcat E14 gearmotor Bobcat E16 pump, Bobcat E16 motor, Bobcat E16 gearmotor Bobcat E26 pump, Bobcat E26 motor, Bobcat E26 gearmotor Bobcat E32 pump, Bobcat E32 motor, Bobcat E32 gearmotor Bobcat E35 pump, Bobcat E35 motor, Bobcat E35 gearmotor Bobcat E45 pump, Bobcat E45 motor, Bobcat E45 gearmotor Bobcat E50 pump, Bobcat E50 motor, Bobcat E50 gearmotor Bobcat E55 pump, Bobcat E55 motor, Bobcat E55 gearmotor Bobcat E60 pump, Bobcat E60 motor, Bobcat E60 gearmotor Bobcat E80 pump, Bobcat E80 motor, Bobcat E80 gearmotor Bobcat E55W pump, Bobcat E55W motor, Bobcat E55W gearmotor